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Simply just me:


My two passions...

* Born in southern Sweden with Finnish parents and growing up constantly having paper, pens and colours in the backpack, the creating has been following me all of my life.
It has been with me from work as textile designer for more than a decade to going back to school in adult age to become graphic designer,
to now creating things in my spare time for the joy of it and to relax and feel good.

* Mewsic has also been with me since childhood, having a mum putting all kinds of instruments in my lap. But unfortunately the purrfectionist and inpatient part of me never let me learn anything completely.
So the mewsic part has been both on and off, until just some years ago, when i rediscovered the joy of singing again in a karaoke lounge ( the O-Lounge) in Second life.
For some reason singing is something i haven't gotten tired of yet and I feel I have finally found the instrument where i keep developing, and not letting the purrfectionist in me to give up on it. The voice.


Oh yes... there is actually a third passion....Cats!

I love them and they inspire me, as you might have guessed.




Hugs and Purrrs!







and my partner in crime, Emil

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