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The art part:

I see pictures and hear music in everything that is.

Two passions I have in life is creating visual things and singing.

When I hear a song I see pictures, and when I make pictures and hear songs. It all blends to a hodgepodge of ideas in this little brain of mine, and when it all overflows, things comes out in either visual art and things or singing.
It is my medicine, my meditation, my cure and my all time feel-good candy for all occasions. Good and bad.

I do like to share my medicine and when someone likes it, then that is the best bonus I can ever get.
That puts a HUGE smile on my face.


All my creations can be found and bought here:

My drawings and paintings are at the moment also to be seen at my showroom in Second Life.

Link to my main store with art showroom (door to upstairs in the store) :

Shop my artwork:
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